Namaste Sky Tribe,


I am sure some of you have heard the exciting news but for those of you who haven’t yet, I’d like to share with you some things that are happening. At the end of this month I will be taking over O Yoga. Tiffany Cagwin, founder and owner of O Yoga has decided to step away and pass the torch on to me. Tiffany and I have a long standing friendship and have always supported each other in our businesses. We share some of the same students, instructors and even our own teacher, Nikki Costello. She shares the same vision as I do… to make yoga accessible to our community and create a place where we all join to practice, learn and flourish. I will continue on with that vision now not only in Skaneateles, but also in both O Yoga locations in Syracuse and Dewitt.


Change can be scary so I wanted to make sure I clear up any questions some of you may have. This entire process with Tiffany has been so organic that she and I have faith in this next step in both of our journeys. As always, my door remains open and I welcome in all of your questions and thoughts.


A few questions you may already have…



Will Sky Yoga & Wellness and O Yoga merge?

No. For the time being they will remain two separate businesses and remain separate on MindBody. I encourage you all to stop by the two locations at O Yoga though. The instructors are wonderful and the studios are so welcoming.


Can I use my class packages at O Yoga?

No. Your packages at Sky will still be good at Sky. And if you have packages at O Yoga, they will still be good there. As I navigate this new journey this may become available in the future.


Will classes, prices or packages change at Sky?

Other than hopefully seeing a few new faces of students and some guest instructors, no. Nothing will change at Sky. Your packages are all still valid at Sky and you’ll still see the same familiar faces including mine (more below on that.) Our schedule has always made adjustments as the seasons change and as things come up with our instructors but no changes will be made due to the acquisition.


Will  classes, prices or packages change at O Yoga?

Classes will remain with no interruption. Pricing and packages will remain the same as well.


Will Courtney still be at Sky?

Of course! Sky is home. I will be floating between all three studios especially in the beginning until I find a more consistent schedule hopefully in early 2020. You’ve all allowed me to step away to teach (and learn) in NYC and head off to India, you will probably see more of me now!



This may be a long one but if you ask, I will share…


I was given wise advise about 5 years ago “when it comes to business, let it be organic. If things aren’t falling into place, there’s a reason…” Well that advice proved to be my business model (and since, also my practice, relationship and life model.) What transpired over the last 5 years has been nothing short of magical. One thing falling into place after another. Never forced, always organic. When Tiffany brought the next step to the table, it just fit. Expanding into a thriving business offers us access to larger populations and larger spaces. Through this we can bring in more guests to share their gifts with our community and also trainings to allow for a foundation of stronger teachers in our area. Providing more ways to share the amazing benefits of yoga and how it can positively affect our lives.

Though there have been some changes along the way, Sky is still on a path of expanding horizons for mind, body and soul. The symbols of Sky and O, the swirl and the circle, shows everything is connected. All along the way there have been instrumental people coming together for a purpose of something greater. A purpose of community. A TRIBE!

With Deepest Gratitude & Love,



In my favorite mantra Om Mani Padme Hum, Padme represents the lotus, the emptiness that shows we are nothing without our connection to each other. May we grow together on our journey wherever it may lead!

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